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Who We Are

Welcome to Midi Décor where we have our main store based close to Beziers and our Franchisee based in St Chinian retailing high quality UK paint in France, and can now distribute all our excellent products throughout France.

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What we really do?

We are a local and online paint merchant, selling the best paint products made in the United Kingdom.

Our vision

To deliver high quality UK made paint to everyone in France.

History of the company

In 2001 I came to my mother’s holiday home which she purchased in Reaumur, Vendee and began helping to renovate and then very quickly realised that the paint we were buying was not just expensive but also needed several additional coats applied to the walls.

The first thing I noticed was that the large retail companies give away extra paint as a way of selling, but quickly realised that size didn’t mean that you were saving money, as the 10L plus 2L FREE totalling 12 Litres covers 10m2/L = 122mwhereas a good paint like Crown trade will cover 17m2/L = 177m2 metres for 10L

On top of the cost it was also the quality of the finish as well as the durability which made me attain distribution agreements with many of the top paint companies in the UK to share our experience.

Cooperate with Us!

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What we can do for you

support 7 Days a Week

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Best quality

We are pleased to hear from everyone that helps our business as well as those wishing to become a franchise in there region. Hoping to hear from you soon, Mdi Décor!

Delivery Throughout France

We have partnered with Colissimo delivery service to support quick and fast delivery.

Our vision

Is to make our paints just not British paints but also French as we are only parted from a stretch of water, and have a chance of learning from each other in choosing the best from each country which will allow Midi Décor to expand with franchisees throughout France in order to help and advice customers on what types of paint products are available for which ever job our clients are doing.

Over 2000 Satisfied Customers

We have had less than 1% fallout rate over the past 6 years, so hope to carry on helping you with the paint when renovating you home.