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  1. A smooth quick dry matt black water based interior and exterior paint for wrought iron, metal and wood with a durable, interior and exterior use.

    • Size: 50ml, 500ml, 1L and 2.5L
    • Coverage: 12 to 16m2/L
    • Drying Time: Touch dry ithin 30 minutes, recoatable in 2 hours
    • Application: Brysh, Roller, and Spray
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  2. A water-based quick drying paint with a satin finish. It resists flaking or peeling because of its flexible capabilities. Can be used on all interior and exterior surfaces.

    • Size: 250ml, 500ml & 1L
    • Colours: 7 different colours
    • Drying time: 30 minuets, recoatable 2 to 3 hours
    • Coverage: Up to 14m2/L
    • Application: Brush
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  3. is a premium quality durable coating which provides a glossy smooth finish. As a rust resistant coating Hammercote provides a long lasting finish for metal, ironwork and many other suitably well prepared surfaces. This coating is fast drying and suitable for interior and exterior use.

    • Size: 250ml, 500ml and 1L
    • Colours: White plus 7 colours
    • Drying time: Touch dry 30 minute and recoatable in 6 hours
    • Coverage: 10m²/L



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  4. Crown: Mouldguard Mid Sheen Bathroom Paint has been specially formulated to protect the house from the mould for 5 years and the same time to give beautiful finish. Simply paint each coat with a brush or roller and leave for 4 hours to dry.

    • Size: 1 and 2.5L 
    • Coverage: 12.5m2/L
    • Colours: White and Pastel Tinted Colours
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  5. A highly resistant to stains and water-resistant, and this matt emulsion formulated with the addition of Moldguard® for added protection, designed for interior walls, ceilings, wood and metal.

    • Size: 1L, & 2.5L
    • Colour: White & Pastel Colours
    • Coverage:12.5m2/L
    • Application: Roller, or Brush
    • Drying Time: 2 hours recoatable in 4 hours
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  6. A solvent-borne highly durable, washable gloss finish for interior and exterior joinery and metalwork.

    • Size: 1L, 2.5L, & 5L
    • Colours: White and 2,500 colours
    • Application: Brush
    • Spreading Rate: Up to 18m2/L
    • Touch Dry: 6 Hours, recoatable 16 Hours
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  7. Un excellent produit polyvalent est un revêtement à haute opacité à base de solvant formulé pour donner un excellent fini lustré, lavable et résistant à la condensation.

    • Taille: 5L
    • Couleurs: Blanc plus 2500 couleurs
    • Application: rouleau ou brosse
    • Couverture: jusqu'à 16m2/L
    • Temps de séchage: toucher sec 6 heures, recouvrable 16 heures
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